Lab Members

The Guppy

The guppy fish (Poecilia reticulata). Endemic to Venezuela and Trinidad.

The Medaka fish

The medaka fish (Oryzias lapipes). Endemic to Japan and Korea, also known as ‘rice fish’.

Kristen Fay Gorman

Kristen Fay Gorman: BS from University of Washington (Seattle), PhD from Simon Fraser University (British Columbia). Kristen’s PhD thesis, under the supervision of Felix Breden PhD, was centered on establishing fish as models for human heritable spinal curvatures. Her postdoctoral training was at Sainte Justine Children’s Hospital Research Center (Montreal). With Alain Moreau’s team, she worked with human IS clinical, genomic, and cellular data, while continuing work with the medaka and guppy. Her goals are to integrate insights gained from these experiences into research discoveries and learning tools.

Fall 2019 lab photo

Right to left: Top: Shelby, Cody, Kristen Middle: Sophia, Jacky Seated: Kiran, Berenice, Kelly

Cody Mocko

Graduate researcher

fall 2019

Kelly Ewing

fall 2018, spring 2019, fall 2019

Berenice Arguello

spring 2019, fall 2019

Kiran Rao

summer 2019, fall 2019

Shelby Bomke

fall 2019

Sophia Sussman

fall 2019

Jackelin Villalobos

summer 2019, fall 2019

Spring 2019 lab photo

Right to left: top: Samer, Steven, Victoria, Kelly, Roger bottom: Kristen, Tanya, Berenice

Alumni researchers

John Vang

summer 2019

Victoria Coia

spring 2018, fall 2018, spring 2019

Tanya De La Cruz

fall 2018, spring 2019

Steven Janssen

fall 2018, spring 2019

Rebekah Nunez

fall 2018, spring 2019

Rogelio (Roger) Moreno

spring 2019

Karsten McDonell

spring 2018, summer 2018, fall 2018

Samer Shenouda

spring 2018, fall 2018

Nely Lopez

summer 2018

Andrea Partida-Miranda

summer 2018

Whitney Branham

spring 2018

Robert Skorheim

spring 2018

Sandra Arellano

summer 2017, fall 2017, spring 2018