Lab Photos

Fish room in Holt Hall.

The guppies and medaka are small enough that we can house thousands in a small space. This is optimal for genetic research.

Fall 2021: Stephanie Duarte-Amezcua practices husbandry on our model animals

Fall 2021: Stephanie Duarte-Amezcua looking at fluorescence in transgenic embryos

Gorgeous graduates of 2021! Congratulations Kelly, Sophia, Celia, and Kiran! And also Jesus (not in picture).

Fall 2020 Gorman & Tran lab collaborations: there is a pandemic, but we push forward with research (while observing pandemic safety protocols).

Gorman & Tran labs' blackboard Spring 2020: right and left brain activity.

February 2020: Hard work requires a goat hug break. Springtime! Jackelin Villalobos.

February 2020: Dr. Gorman is freaking out because this goat is so cute and soft.

January 2020: Chico State at the CSUPERB conference, Santa Clara.

CSUPERB 2020: Berenice Arguello ready to present her work from a summer research fellowship in Dr. Kim's lab, San Marcos State.

CSUPERB 2020: Berenice in action.

CSUPERB 2020: Jackelin Villalobos and John Vang present their work on the genetics of scoliosis project.

CSUPERB 2020: John Vang and Berenice Arguello in coordinated conference wear.

2019 Gorman & Tran lab blackboard: Fall semester brains at work.

Summer 2019: Kiran Rao gets a head start on research.

Summer 2019: LSAMP fellow John Vang prepares samples.

Summer 2019: John Vang presenting his summer research into the genetics of scoliosis.

Summer 2019: Jacky Villalobos explains her summer research into the genetics of scoliosis.

Spring 2019: Congratulations Victoria Coia, Tanya De La Cruz, Nely Lopez (left to right)!

Tanya and Tori, I miss you both.

Spring 2019: end of the semester lunch. I need a nap.

Summer 2018: Nely Lopez, CSC^2 summer fellow. photo credit: Jason Halley, CSU Chico.

Summer 2018: Andrea Partida-Miranda, CSC^2 summer fellow. NightSea microscope adapter is from NightSea EMS KEY award. photo credit: Jason Halley, CSU Chico.

Andrea looks at transgenic medaka eggs under the stereoscope. photo credit: Jason Halley, CSU Chico.

Summer 2018: Andrea and Nely working in the fish lab. photo credit: Jason Halley, CSU Chico.

Summer 2018: SARC award winner, Karsten prepares some DNA from fish while CSC^2 summer fellows Nely and Andrea work on chemical preparations. Congratulations Karsten McDonell! Graduated 2019.

Spring 2018: Congratulations Sandra Arellano! First member of Gorman lab. 2018 Graduate. photo credit: CSU Chico.